Does stress cause dandruff?

Stress is a problem that is now a part of our lifestyle. It is a normal feeling that our body feels when any unconditional changes occur that we do not plan for, resulting in physical, mental, emotional & intellectual responses by our body. Nowadays, we can also feel stress when we worry about things like our job, money, relationships, or friend or family member who is ill or in crisis. Talking about stress it bring out questions like does stress cause dandruff? can stress be the reason behind hair fall?

Our human body is very amazing on its own whenever something is not good it starts giving us indications, of getting ill, not feeling well, pain, skin problems, and many more. One of the most common problems which is increasing day by day is Dandruff. There can be several reasons for Dandruff problems and taking Stress is among those problems.

What is Dandruff?

Does stress cause dandruff

Dandruff, small pieces of dead and dry skin shedding from the scalp is called Dandruff. It is caused by fungal microbes called Malassezia globose. Some guard cells in the human body prevent them from growing in a large number but due to many factors the cells get weakened and the number of these microbes starts increasing and our skin starts drying which ultimately leads to dandruff. It is a common problem faced by people worldwide. It seems common in people but if not cured fast can cause various issues which worsen your hair health.

Most Common Root Cause Of Dandruff

Root Cause Of Dandruff

In the above paragraph, we get to know about Stress and dandruff. Knowing the root cause of dandruff can help you to get rid of it as soon as possible. Our day-to-day activities are affecting our bodies negatively and we are not even aware of them. Some common root cause of dandruff is as follow:

1. Over Sun exposure – Little sun exposure helps many skin ailments and also reduces yeast production on the scalp. But over sun exposure damage, your skin badly and also increases the risk of the skin-related issue.

2. Using harsh skincare  & hair care products-Your skin and scalp are so sensitive, using products that contain sulfates, alcohols, or fragrances strips away natural oils in your hair and makes the scalp dry, itchy and irritated. 

3. Deficiency of omega - Omega fatty acids helps in promoting circulation in the scalp and also regulate the oil production in the scalp. The deficiency of these fatty acids could make dandruff symptoms worse.

4. Seborrheic dematitis- If you are suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis you will face dandruff. It is a chronic medical condition that affects the scalp and other areas of the body where oil glands are present. The skin of people suffering from seborrheic dermatitis will be red, greasy, and covered with flaky white or yellow scales.

5. Shampooing hair every day- To avoid oily hair and maintain good hair health, you wash your hair more often. However, this may make your hair health worse. Shampooing your hair more often strips away the natural oils from your scalp which leads to more oil production by the scalp to keep it hydrated. This excessive oiliness can cause dandruff to occur.

6. Excessive Stress- Stress has an indirect relation with dandruff but can aggravate or even worsen dandruff. Stress increases the amount of sebum production in the scalp, who leads to the growth of Malassezia, which are responsible for dandruff.

7. No oil Massage to your scalp- Regular oil massage keeps the scalp nourished and helps oil glands produce sufficient natural oil. Oil Massage also increases the blood circulation in the scalp. It is very important for good skin health. Not doing it often may cause dry skin.

8. Less exposure to fresh air-Researches has shown that including regular exposure to outdoor fresh air can help in reducing the oil buildup on the scalp.


How Does Stress Cause Dandruff?

Does Stress Cause Dandruff

Yes, stress can cause dandruff problems. Whenever you are under stress several changes occur in the body such as blood pressure starts increasing,  blood sugar spikes, hormonal changes, etc. Which affects our body badly and can increase the chances of dandruff. Here is how blood pressure, blood sugar, and other factors increase dandruff.

HORMONAL CHANGES: Stress has an indirect relation with dandruff. Due to heat rate, the body lowers the amount of immune cell production called lymphocytes. It is the cells that guard us against harmful bacteria. These harmful bacteria increase the amount of sebum production in the scalp, which leads to the growth of Malassezia globosa which as talked about earlier is responsible for dandruff. 

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: High blood pressure due to stress causes overheating which leads to sweating. Sweating provides an environment for Malassezia globosa to prosper. These are the microbes that are responsible for the production of dandruff. The sebum pores are linked to your sweat pores, and it leaves behind a combination that needs to be removed, it is a combination of minerals and oils.

DIRT AND DUST: We start scratching our heads and start playing with our hair whenever we are in a stressful moment. The hands transfer the dirt and oils onto our hair and scalp when we touch it, which can increase the problem even more. If you’re suffering from a condition like Eczema, the stress might increase your dandruff faster.

OUR BLOOD SUGAR SPIKES: Our livers produce extra glucose when we are under stress, to give the energy we need to “fight” the situation. However, this increases our insulin, which leads to the overproduction of certain hormones. This can lead our follicles to produce sebum in large numbers, and overproduction of sebum leads to oily scalps and flaky, itchy skin.

Don't worry Every problem has a solution. Dandruff too has a solution. But Where to start to get rid of this Dandruff problem? If you can eliminate the main culprit behind the cause of it you can easily win. 

Where to Start to get rid of the Dandruff problem

As we all know in today's world everyone is busy in their own life and the work pressure is getting more and more challenging daily, resulting in not taking good care of yourself and your body.

Taking Stress by work overload and house problems are very common nowadays and it causes Dandruff in our hair which automatically becomes the reason for hair fall.

We cannot stop dandruff without taking good care of our scalp and to completely get rid of this problem you can try Nature4Nature anti-dandruff hair oil which is scientifically proven anti-dandruff hair oil and helps in the regrowth of hair in our head. The Nature4Nature anti-dandruff hair oil comes with natural herbs and ingredients which help to nourish your scalp and help your hair to grow much stronger and shinier than ever before.