Fact or Myth | Does chlorine water darken skin?

Chlorine is used commonly in swimming pools and its the ability to clean the water and kill harmful bacteria but chlorine is not good for your skin and your hair. Chlorine salts are present in swimming pool water and when water interacts with sunlight they can produce skin tanning and chlorine water can darken your skin.

Chlorine impact on the pigmentation of your skin

Chlorine does not play a direct role in darkening your skin, darkening is usually caused by sun exposure. Chlorine in swimming pools can dry the skin but not darken. Protect your skin by rinsing before and after swimming, using sunscreen, moisturising, and wearing protective clothing. Consult a dermatologist for any skin-related problems.

Sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, then you have to be more careful because it can be more harmful to sensitive skin, which can also cause itching, red rash, and burning sensation on the skin. That's why those with sensitive skin get into the swimming pool only after proper preparation.

Sunlight effect on our skin

The ultraviolet rays from the sun,  cause a lot of damage to our skin due to long time exposure to Sunlight. Due to longer exposure, the skin becomes black. Nowadays many people like to swim in the open. Causing damage to their skin.

Misconception of skin darkening

It is wrong to hold that the skin turns black due to chlorine syrup, it is not so that when sunlight mixes with chlorine water, it damages our skin and burns our skin due to strong sunlight, which our skin turns black.

How to protect your skin from Chlorine Water?

Use sunscreen: If you are going swimming outside, use sunscreen on your skin so that your skin will be protected from sunlight and also from chlorine water. Use sunscreen both before and after swimming, so that there will be no harm to your skin.

Use the swim shampoo and moisturiser: Nowadays, many types of moisturisers and swim shampoos are available in the market. By using swim shampoos, the damage of chlorine water is greatly reduced and our hair remains safe, in the same way, by using moisturisers, sunlight, and Our skin is also protected from chlorine water

Use the oils: After bathing in the swimming pool, use oil on the skin like coconut oil, olive oil, etc., so that there is no harm to the skin. and use the baselines.

Cover your hair and eyes: Cover your hair properly before taking a bath in the swimming pool because the pool water is chlorinated which is not good for your hair, it weakens the roots of your hair and can also damage the scalp. Can cause cracks on the skin of the hair due to which your hair will become weak and it will start falling. And also cover your eyes well because if water enters the eyes, there is a possibility of severe burning and watery eyes.

Take a bath in hot water before and after swimming: Before swimming outside, it must be kept in mind that before and after bathing outside, take a bath with hot water at home because hot water helps to kill batteries, dirt, and impurities, and bathing with hot water gives relief to the body and All tiredness goes away, hot water also increases blood circulation and provides relief to the body.

Take vitamin C: When you go to take a bath in the swimming pool, the ph level of your skin also decreases with the water of the swimming pool. Due to the imbalance of vitamin C, your skin becomes dry, and dry, to avoid which vitamin C should be consumed, due to which the skin becomes dry. Keep the level of vitamin C right, if you cannot consume vitamin C, then use skin products that contain vitamin C.

Keep the body hydrated: To avoid chlorine water, it is necessary to have moisture in the skin and to protect the skin from chlorine water, it is necessary to hydrate the body, for which it is very important to drink water, so drink enough water daily.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice works as a natural bleach for the skin and helps to lighten dark skin and also helps to heal dry skin. Vitamin C is found in lemon which is a good antioxidant and lemon juice can make your skin healthy.

Do full body massage in 15 days: If you go swimming every day, then even a little bit of chlorine water should not fall on the body, to avoid the effect of chlorine water, take full body massage for at least 15 days so that your skin does not get damaged.

Time duration: When we go swimming outside, then take care of the time, we do not have to stay outside in the sun for a long time and we should not swim for more than 30 minutes.


It is a misconception that chlorine water darkens the skin. Chlorine alone never darkens the skin, but sunlight always burns and darkens the skin. Chlorine combined with the sun darkens the skin and damages the skin. Don't worry about the effects, enjoy swimming in the pool, and take precautions like using sunscreen and keeping track of time