Does shaving darken skin?

Shaving is a most important part of personal grooming and hygiene. Many men and women do it on a regular basis to look more attractive. Shaving makes the skin smoother and gives the person confidence. It is most important during summer because you wear shorts and swimsuits rather than jeans and sweatpants. Whenever you go to the bathroom to shave your facial area, intimate area or your underarms, several questions always come to your mind: does shaving darken skin? Is it a myth or is it true? 

So before moving into the answer to these questions, let’s try to understand what hyperpigmentation is. 

How does Darken skin happen?

In today’s time, everyone wants clean and glowing skin. But due to many factors and unhealthy lifestyles, dark spots have become common in people. Having a dark spot is like a nightmare for all of us. Dark spot occurs due to the excessive production of melanin which forms deposits, creating spots and patches darker in colour than the surrounding skin. Melanin is a pigment produced by skin cells called melanocytes which is responsible for giving colour to eyes, skin and hair. To protect damaged skin our body starts producing melanin in excessive amounts. 

Below is given common things which can lead to darkened skin

  1. Health Problem- People suffering from Adrenal disorders well known as Addison’s disease experience dark skin. People with liver, thyroid disorders and other health problems also experience dark skin.
  2. Family History- It can also be Genetics, such as a family with freckles.
  3. Hormonal balance- Dark spots are also common in adolescence or pregnancy because hormonal imbalances can also lead to excessive production of melanin. 
  4. Injury to the skin (for instance, skin break out, cuts or consumes), which is in some cases called postinflammatory hyperpigmentation
  5. It can also happen due to certain medication, medications, such as oral contraceptives (birth control pills) and drugs that cause sensitivity to light.
  6. Diet- Not getting enough of certain vitamins, such as B12 and folic acid.
  7. Sun damage- People usually spend most of their time out in the sun because of this the exposed part of the body starts getting damaged due to harmful UV rays. To protect it from harmful UV rays, our body starts producing melanin. This melanin absorbs light from UV rays and redistributes it toward the upper layers of the skin.

Does Shaving Darken Skin?

Does shaving darken skin? It is a very common question you ask before going to the bathroom to shave your hair. The truth is that shaving doesn’t cause dark skin but it’s the way or technique of shaving which causes dark skin. The aggressive technique we use to shave our hair, like repeatedly rubbing and scraping the skin, can cause irritation after each shave, and after that, it can turn into darkened skin.

Now you will be thinking, what about skin irritation that causes excessive darkening?

Irritation and inflammation go together. In spite of the way that you're picking the shave, your body enacts its resistance and recuperating processes likewise with some other injury. Hyperpigmentation is likewise normal with razor knocks, which result from ingrown hairs that twist into one's skin rather than away from it. Microscopic organisms and aggravation inside those hair follicles trigger the body's resistant framework, which kicks into battle contaminations.

Every person doesn’t experience hyperpigmentation in the same manner. When some 

people face this issue and notice small dark spots. Razor bumps are more common in people with curly hair and individuals with medium to dull appearances might have more recognizable hyperpigmentation. Basically, anyone can develop both conditions.

How To Prevent Darkening of Skin

Above we discussed, “Does shaving darken skin?” and now you will be thinking, is there a way to prevent the darkening of skin? Yes, you can easily get rid of the darkening of the skin by following the proper shaving process and avoiding mistakes. 

  1. You should never shave on dry skin. Also, remember to avoid drying your skin because it can cause irritation. Therefore, select a shave which is a gel, cream or soap form which also contains a moisturising effect. 
  2. You should exfoliate your skin before shaving and also use a mild pre-shave exfoliating product. Don’t do it two or three times per week. 
  3. Before shaving you should also keep in mind these small points given below:
    1. You should always apply water before shaving gel or cream.
    2. The razor should be wet 
    3. Reapply the shaving cream or gel as necessary.
    4. Shave with the grain, never against it.
  4. In the event that you utilise electric razors, you can in any case battle hyperpigmentation. Wet shavers ought to wash their skin and peel prior to shaving. Prior to shaving, apply a pre-electric shave item that doesn't have liquor. Furthermore, whether you utilise a standard razor or an electric shaver, you ought to constantly apply a sun-safeguarding lotion after you're done shaving.

Types of hyperpigmentation

There are several types of hyperpigmentation but some common ones are given below:

  1. Melasma- This type of hyperpigmentation is caused by hormonal changes and can also be faced during pregnancy. Melasma can appear in any region of the body but is commonly seen in the stomach and face.
  2. Sunspots- Sunspot is a common type of hyperpigmentation which occur when the body parts are exposed to harmful UV rays for a long period of time.  They are shown on the region which is exposed to sun rays. They are also called liver spots or sun-powered lentigines.
  3. Post-provocative hyperpigmentation- This is a consequence of injury or irritation to the skin. A typical reason for this sort of is skin inflammation.


Everyone In today’s time wants to look gorgeous and smart. Shaving is an important part of our routine before getting ready, but as said before if we do it wrong it can make our skin dull and dark. Dark spots are a common issue but they can happen due to many factors. So before finding the solution on the internet you should consult your doctor first. Prevention is always better than cure so above are some basic tips you can follow before shaving and also follow a healthy routine.