Multani mitti side effects on Health and Skin

Multani mitti is a well-known and popular natural ingredient known for its medical and cosmetic benefits. Multani mitti was initially used for industrial impurities as it is highly potent at absorbing grease and oil. Multani mitti is named after its place of origin, "Multan," which is located in Pakistan. Multani mitti is a natural ingredient ad is available in abundant quantities and has an array of skin and hair benefits in it. 

Multani mitti is made up of fine silicates and minerals, which render an elastic texture when mixed with water. It is also used to attain smooth, shiny, and beautiful hair. Some people also eat multani mitti so that they can treat certain ailments like acidity. So in this article, we will discuss the Multani Mitti side effects in detail.

Multani Mitti side effect on Health and Skin

The common questions that come up when talking about multani mitti side effects are:

  • Is it safe to use multani mitti on dry or sensitive skin
  • Is It safe to eat multani mitti?

Is it safe to use multani mitti on dry or sensitive skin

As we told you earlier, multani mitti is potent at absorbing grease or oil, so it is not good for dry skin. It might make your skin drier because of its high absorbing power. You can add milk and almonds to decrease any cruel result on dry skin. 

Talking more about multani mitti, its elevated cooling property can be the reason for respiratory troubles. This is particularly true when used on the chest region of the body as a stick to reduce the effects of high temperatures as well as sunburns.

Is it safe to eat Multani mitti?

Clay, like Multani mitti, is usually not meant for eating or consumption. Eating or consuming Multani mitti can result in stopping up or blocking up the intestine. It also results in kidney stones.

Pica is a medical disorder in which a person has an odd hunger for a non-food, a non-edible substance, or other items that have no nutritional value. It might be the source of your pain. It's a sign of a healthy pregnant woman that she will often crave non-food substances like chalk, paper, soil, and brick. It is recommended to consult your physician if anyone finds that they have a strong or otherwise abnormal craving for Multani Mitti.

Side effects of Multani mitti

Some of Multani mitti's side effects are:

  • Multani mitti should not be eaten. The elements present in multani mitti cannot be digested by the stomach. As a result, you may suffer from digestion problems.
  • Multani mitti is not soil or dirt. Its mineral-rich rock is toxic to human digestion because it contains many essential minerals and nutrients.
  • It also cannot be consumed in drinks or salad either. Mixing it with some face packs and then applying it is the only way it will help you out.
  • It can also result in intestine bleeding and poisoning when consumed or eaten. Other than this, it can cause muscle weakness and skin rashes.
  • Multani mitti can also cause breathing problems and choke your intestine if consumed.

Benefits of Multani mitti

Besides Multani mitti side effects, it offers several skin benefits also and some of them are:

  • Multani mitti can be used to reduce sun tanning and pigmentation that are caused by extreme contact with the sun.
  • Multani mitti has refining properties that aid in removing toxins and oil from the scalp.
  • Cold and hot compresses Multani mitti can be applied as a cold or hot compress to relieve menstrual pain as well as cramps, burns, and insect bites.

Multani mitti side effect during Pregnancy?

It is not safe to consume multani mitti while pregnant. It can cause health and stomach-related issues. Eating multani mitti can result in severe intestinal and digestive problems. Hence, eating or consuming it will adversely affect the baby and the mother. Whether pregnant or not, it is best to avoid consuming Multani mitti. 

Uses of Multani mitti

Multani mitti has the following applications:

Face Masks: Multani mitti is commonly used as a face pack or a face mask. We all face numerous skin problems like acne, pimples, blemishes, and skin reddening. All of these skin problems can be caused by skin exposure to pollution or dirt accumulation and oil inside our open pores. Therefore, it is important to maintain a clean and healthy complexion. Multani mitti is one of the most useful and effective ingredients for resolving such skin issues. Multani mitti helps in absorbing unwholesome oil from the skin. On the market, you can easily find a lot of different types of face packs and masks. But one can get a perfect, healthy complexion just by using products that are 100% natural and skin-friendly like aloe vera, lemon, rose water, and multani mitti that can help them out. Therefore, face masks and packs with them are used for achieving a healthy complexion.

Cleanse oil stains: Multani mitti can be used for a variety of purposes other than cosmetics. Multani mitti is considered one of the most valuable ingredients for cleaning oil stains on cloth. As we all know, the love for fried, greasy, and spicy food is just next level. It is only the oil strain that we are all dreading. We always check if our clothes get oil stains whenever we eat foods like these, as oil stains are difficult or impossible to clean. However, a simple sprinkle of multani mitti over oil spills or the application of multani mitti paste and water can help remove stubborn oil stains. Hence, we can say that multani mitti is an effective solution to ease your household life.

Healthy natural body scrub: Multani mitti is a well-known and valuable body scrub. It is important to take care of your body just like we take care of our faces and our hair. The market soaps and body washes are the cause of skin drying because they contain chemicals that absorb all of the natural oil in our skin. In most cases, our skin does not receive the perfect or necessary nourishment that it needs and remains dry. But by using multani mitti, anyone can make a 100% natural yet effective scrub for themselves. In addition to providing nourishment, you can add oatmeal to the scrub, which helps keep your skin moisturised. By using this paste, you keep the skin healthy and supple by gently scrubbing away dead skin cells. It also serves as a natural ventilator, maintaining moisture without drying them out excessively.


Multani mitti has numerous health benefits. Many people are used to eating multani mitti, but this can cause multiple complications. Many people believe that there is a magical elixir that can help them solve all their issues and problems, and they believe in its magical power. People usually mix multani mitti with milk or water and believe that it will cure their problems. Consuming multani mitti is a dangerous practice, and repeating this practice again and again in the long term can lead to some serious health issues. If you must use multani mitti, we recommend that you do not eat it or, at the very least, limit its application to your skin or hair only.