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Best Skin Whitening Body Lotion- Pure Care natural body lotion

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About Me

I am Pure Care and here’s why your skin will be thankful for me.

Key Features

Keeps skin hydrated & soothes.
Soften and smoothens dry skin.
best skin whitening body lotion
Shea butter has UV anti-erythemic activity which helps in tissue cell regeneration.
It draws away excess heat and sebum.
Also helps in reducing acne, irritation, redness and sunburns.


I am the natural body lotion that will keep your skin hydrated and smooth. I will help clear your skin and remove the excess heat from it. Shea butter in me will help you reduce skin swelling and might even treat conditions such as eczema. I am the best skin whitening body lotion for your skin.

How to Use

Apply a generous amount me to the skin with fingertips and massage gently with a soothing, circular motion.


Quantity: 5ml
Skin type: I am suitable for all skin types.
I am 100% organic and chemical free. I will help your skin be anti-inflammatory and will lead to a soft and a smooth skin. I have also never been tested on animals.

All prices listed on our website are inclusive of taxes || Country Of Origin: India || Manufacturer details : HHO Pvt Ltd, G-1149, Narela, Industrial Area, New Delhi-110040

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