How often should we oil our hair?

Hair oiling has been used in India for centuries and is recommended in Ayurvedic medicine. Oils have been used for hair growth and address a host of other concerns. According to some experts, it also helps to reduce hair loss.

Your grandmother never got tired of talking about the benefits of hair oils, isn't she?

But, have you been oiling in the right way and how often?

You know that applying oil at a superficial level will just leave your scalp greasy and will not provide any benefits to your hair. Therefore it is important to know the right way of oiling and how often you should apply it to get all the benefits of it. You should apply oil to the skin according to your scalp type.

There are various benefits of pouring oil and massaging it into the scalp. As it increases moisture, lustre, and shine. It also helps to soften the hair and provides vitamins and minerals. Due to frequent washing, it gets stripped from the scalp.

Importance of oiling your hair

To keep your body healthy and nourished we eat food. In the same manner, oil is the food of healthy food. To make your hair healthy, thick and lustrous you have to oil your scalp often according to your scalp type.

Senior product development executive of SkinKraft, Abhisikta Hati says, “ Hair oiling protects your hair follicles from damaging surfactants by lining the gaps of your cuticle cells. Oiling prevents hydrate fatigue of your hair strands and reduces the hair damage caused by chemical products.”

Below are some of the benefits of hair oiling to the scalp:

  • It adds nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles
  • It helps to strengthen hair follicles which promote growth and lustrous hair.
  • It reduces frizz in the hair
  • It nourishes hair roots and keeps them soft and hydrated
  • To target specific scalp and skin issues, essential oils like tea tree oil and rose oil are effective
  • Oiling helps to prevent dandruff through proper nourishment
  • Prevents premature greying
  • Provide relief from stress
  • The risk of lice also gets reduced
  • It also helps in hair fall

How to oil your hair?

Now you know that there are various benefits of oil on your hair. But to get all these benefits you have to apply oil to the scalp in a proper way.

Follow these steps to do proper hair oiling to the scalp:

  1. First, heat your oil for a few seconds. Using warm oil will allow for deeper penetration through your hair cuticles and seal them to keep your scalp moisturised
  2. Rub the oil on your palm and then apply it to your scalp
  3. Massage with your fingertips in a circular motion for 10 to 15 min
  4. Cover your head with a towel or shower cap and leave it on overnight. As it will open your pores and cuticles, allowing for deeper penetration of the oils into your scalp and hair follicles
  5. The next day, gently shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly with normal or cold water

How often should we oil our hair?

Now you know how important oil is to the scalp for hair nutrition. Due to many factors, our scalp pores get clogged which leads to dryness. The main cause is our unhealthy lifestyle, heat, dust etc. Oiling to the scalp helps to unclog the pores which protects hair from drying. 

We all have different types of hair such as dry, regular and oily. Firstly, It is important to know the type of hair you have before oiling your hair. As the frequency of oil depends on your hair type.

Healthy Hair- People who have healthy hair also should do oiling to their scalp. They should oil their scalp at least once or twice a week. Because not oiling can make your hair unhealthy and dry. Therefore to maintain healthy hair you should add this tip to your hair care routine. You can do it on weekends as it is a good time to oil your scalp because you are relaxed and can leave your scalp oiled for some time before taking a bath. We should leave your hair for at least 30min after oiling. You can leave it overnight also and take a bath the next morning.

Oily Hair - People who have oily hair should also oil the hair. I know it makes the hair more oily and hair becomes sticky. But you know how important it is to massage the hair as it helps to relax the scalp and unclogs the pores. You can oil your skin once or twice a week, but don’t do it regularly as it can make your hair sticky. As oily hair is generally thin and due to excessive oil secretion, it can lead to hair fall. Therefore, oiling is important because it will strengthen your hair roots and prevent hair fall.

Dry Hair- People who have dry hair should do oiling on a regular basis. As oiling is the best solution for dry hair. It helps to unclog the pores and also nourish the scalp. You should leave the scalp overnight after applying the oil to the hair and wash it the next morning. Try not to skip a single day without oiling. Oiling also helps to relieve the scalp from flakiness, itching and rashes.


In today’s time, you now know how important oiling is to the scalp and also know the right way to oil the hair. But before this, choosing the right hair oil that can give proper nutrition is a must.

According to many reports, Oil that is 100% natural is the best for massage. You can use Growth potion a 100% natural oil. As they help to relax and rejuvenate while giving adequate nutrition. It doesn’t have any side effects on the scalp because it doesn’t contain any chemicals in it and supports all skin types. 

Always oil your skin according to your hair type. For oily and healthy hair you should do it at least once or twice a week. For dry hair, you should do oiling every day