Is hair spa good for hair?

Remember when our nannies and grandmothers would give us champis or oil massages on our hair? and we hate it? Those could be some of your favourite memories. Taking proper care and performing those rituals in your hectic lifestyle after being away from home for an extended period of time is extremely difficult. However, you can go for the hair spa treatment for the same benefits.

In this busy world, " Hair spa" is the only and most recommended thing if you are facing hair-related issues, specifically hair loss or hair fall. Everyone knows that a hair spa treatment helps to rejuvenate your hair. Even if you have oily, dry, damaged, or breakage-prone hair, a hair spa can be the one-stop solution for all your hair-related issues. But nobody really explains to you properly what a hair spa is. Isn't that right? So, today we are going to answer it for you.

In the article, you'll know about:

  1. Who needs a hair spa?
  2. Benefits of a hair spa treatment
  3. Are there any drawbacks to getting a hair spa?
  4. How to do  hair spa treatment at home

Who needs to undergo a hair spa treatment?

Did you know that a hair spa can help you treat the majority of scalp and hair issues? Hair spa treatments can successfully alleviate the following common hair issues:

  1. Hair loss, thinning, or breakage
  2. dry, dull, and rough hair
  3. itchy and oily scalp
  4. Slow hair growth
  5. Dandruff

You may be dealing with one or more of these hair issues if you recently underwent any chemical hair treatments, like colouring, rebonding, bleaching, smoothening, perming, or curling. A fantastic way to lessen the harm caused by chemical hair treatments is to visit a nourishing hair spa.

Benefits of hair spa treatment

"Is a hair spa good for hair?" some people wonder. They believe that a hair spa treatment would be costly, but they have no idea how effective a hair spa treatment can be. This is simply untrue because there are various hair spa treatments available for various hair types and price ranges. Basic treatment can be used on a regular basis, and a more sophisticated one can be used on special occasions or if you have hair issues.

Here are some of the benefits of hair spa treatment:

It helps in conditioning hair

The fact that hair spa treatments deeply condition the hair is one of their main advantages. The purpose of the hair spa products used in salons and at home is to hydrate the hair and make it smooth and shiny.

Normalising oil secretion

Regular hair spa treatments can normalise oil secretion in your scalp, regardless of whether you have an oily or dry scalp. The salon staff will apply a product that cleans and revitalises the scalp if you have an oily scalp. In contrast, if you have a dry scalp, they will apply a nourishing product that encourages scalp oil secretion.

Improves blood circulation in the scalp

Any type of hair massage stimulates the scalp's blood flow and aids in promoting hair growth. Going to a hair spa on a regular basis may greatly assist you if you want to grow your hair out more quickly. The best treatment for hair loss, in short, is a hair spa.

It repairs damaged hair

Frequent hair colouring, bleaching, the use of hot styling tools, pollution, stress, an unhealthful diet, and other factors can all harm your hair. Hair spa treatments can aid in repairing hair damage and restoring its softness, health, and lustre.

Solves Hair and scalp issues

Numerous issues with hair affect people, including dandruff, premature greying, hair breakage, and hair loss. To address each of these issues, various hair spa services are offered.

Mind relaxation

You can unwind and manage your stress by visiting a hair spa. Your neck and shoulders tension can be eased and you can feel more relaxed by using various techniques used in hair spas to massage the scalp.

Drawbacks of hair spa treatment

It has to be done on a regular basis to see results.

Only regular use of hair spa services will bring results. It's just as bad to do it occasionally as it is to wear a face mask every six months. You have to make it a part of your monthly hair care routine in order to see results.  

It appears to be a substantial investment.

Prices for hair spa treatments typically range between Rs. 800 and Rs. 2000. This is not a trivial sum. Feeding your hair, on the other hand, is essential and well worth the money and effort. If you can't afford it, you can always try the home treatment.

The colour of your hair may fade

If you've coloured your hair, always consult with your hair spa therapist about using colour-protecting products to keep the colour from fading.

Hair spa treatments alone can not do anything

Your monthly hair spa visits might not be enough to keep your hair healthy. Following a good hair care regimen is also essential. It is critical to take precautionary measures to prevent hair damage in order to allow your hair to heal.

Hair spa treatment at home

For a hair spa treatment, you need a few hair care products designed specifically for your hair type. Here are the hair spa steps you must take:

Step 1: Massage your scalp with hair oil.

Take care of your hair and scalp. Massage it in thoroughly, then sit back and relax while it soaks into your hair.

Step 2: Apply a hair mask.

Depending on your hair type, apply to your hair. Spread it along the length of your hair, covering every strand.

Step 3: Get a hot towel.

Wrap a hot towel around your head to help open the pores. This will also allow your hair to fully absorb the nourishment from the oil and hair mask.

Step 4: Put on a cap.

Put a cap on your head and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. The hair mask will be well absorbed by your hair.

Step 5: Massage your scalp once again.

Massage your scalp once more to distribute the remaining hair mask throughout your hair. If your hair is extremely dry, apply another layer of hair mask and leave it on for another 10-15 minutes.

Step 6: Wash your hair.

Use a gentle shampoo to wash and condition your hair.

Step 7: Remove the water.

Finish by removing the water from your hair and applying a serum. 

Allow your hair to dry naturally by leaving it open. Even if you do it at home, your hair will feel soft and nourished after just one hair spa treatment. One of the primary advantages of going to a salon for a hair spa is that they will use products designed specifically for your hair type and address your hair concerns.