How to naturally take care of oily skin in summer?

Summers come with hot, longer days and sweaty feelings. Due to the increase in temperature, the humidity levels also peak. These certain environmental changes, perspiration and increasing humidity may often cause the skin to become oily. These things even get more problematic if you have oily skin. If you are not sure about your skin type, then find out here!

In summers,  your sebaceous glands may produce more oil on your skin, giving you an unwanted shiny look and breakouts. Then this overproduction of sebum mixed with sweat can lead to acne breakouts and can completely screw your makeup.

You have to be more careful about your skin during summer because oily skin and summer are not a very good combination. Therefore, You have to be extra careful if you have oily skin during summer. Updating your skincare routine and using the best summer skincare products that care for your oily skin should be your ultimate beauty goal this summer.

Are you feeling confused? What product to apply? How to take care of oily skin in summer naturally? What to add to your routine? What to eat? Don't worry, we are always here to answer all your questions. We have discussed with many people and experts in the field and found the answer for how to take care of oily skin in summer naturally. Follow the steps given below:

Tips to take care of oily skin in summer naturally

During summers if you don’t take care of your oily skin, your pores may get clogged and enlarged. It can also lead to the accumulation of dead skin cells and can cause acne, blackheads etc. To care for your oily skin, follow the below skincare tips to keep the excess oil under control.

  1. Apply a light moisturiser: One of the primary steps of the skincare routine is to switch to light moisture during the summer season. You will be a little confused about why you should apply moisturiser when you already have oily skin. This is because moisturiser helps to hydrate your skin and also prevents excessive secretion of sebum. Which may aid to prevent pimple breakouts on the skin. Remember to use a light mattifying moisturiser to avoid your face from turning extremely greasy.
  1. Avoid washing your face too often: God has created your skin in such a way that it can safeguard itself from environmental aggressors and can maintain hydration throughout your skin. If you frequently wash your face, your skin can lose the much-needed moisture. So to protect the skin from dehydration, our safeguard skin generates more oil to give it back its hydration. So, instead of maintaining the oil, you end up getting more oil over your skin.
  1. Use blotting papers: Whenever you head out of your house, always carry blotting papers with you. Use these papers in case your face becomes too greasy because this blotting paper eliminates excessive sebum from the skin. Use these small blotting papers on the shiny and grimy-looking zones of your skin. The stickiness on the face will go away instantly. Remember not to overuse them as they can eliminate the necessary oils required by your skin and can also trigger oil production from the sebaceous glands.
  1. Exfoliate your skin 1 or 2 times a week: To get rid of dead skin cells which clog the pores of the skin, exfoliate your face once or twice a week. Remember not to over-exfoliation the face because it can harm your skin’s protective layer and can also strip away the essential oils from your skin. Use a scrub or exfoliater that can trigger sebum overproduction and your skin can become more oily.
  1. Apply Sunscreen: During summers being out in the sun can increase oil production which can make your skin greasier. Remember to apply 100% natural sunscreen to shield the skin from harmful rays and also from harmful chemicals. Make sure to add sunscreen, an important part of the skincare routine and limit your exposure to the sun's rays, especially during the peak hours of the sun. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat before heading out.
  1. Use face masks: You should always use a  face mask once a week because it helps in soaking up excess oil from the face and removes impurities and bacteria. It also helps to soothe your summer-stressed skin. Make sure to always use a natural face mask like sandalwood or Multani mitti which helps to get healthy skin. The natural face mask also provides all-over nourishment to your skin.
  1. Don’t skip the toner: You should also add toner to your skincare routine this summer. Toner has several benefits to your skin like its astringent properties soothe your skin, shrink open pores and also help to control excessive oil production. Remember to use the best toner on the skin because you shouldn’t add cheap and low-quality products to your skincare routine as they can damage your skin and can cause various skin problems.
  1. Avoid heavy products: You should try to avoid heavy products with a heavy emollient base during the summer because they can lead to sebum overproduction, obnoxious breakouts, and can lead to acne. Remember not to try too many makeup products at once and always look for non-comedogenic products that are less likely to clog your pores.
  1. Watch what you eat and drink: Your diet plays an important role to keep your skin healthy. Remember to avoid fast food like pizza, chocolate, fried foods, etc because all have a high glycemic index. A high Glycemic index food spikes the blood sugar in the human body which results in more sebum production. Therefore you should always eat low and medium glycemic index food like green leafy vegetables, fruits, raw carrots, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils and bran breakfast cereals etc to get healthy skin. You can also add antioxidant-rich foods to your meals for glowing skin in summer. Also, drink plenty of water and juices because they help to regulate the oil production of the skin, and also keep your skin nourished.
  1. Try a cucumber mask: The cucumber mask is the best option for oily skin because it is rich in antioxidants and its cooling properties help to rejuvenate the skin. It also helps to soothe the skin, and reduce puffiness. Using a blended cucumber mask twice a week on your skin can make your skin refreshed and free of blemishes.


Summers come with hot, longer days and sweaty feelings. Due to an increase in humidity levels, the skin becomes oily, dirty and dull. Therefore it needs extra care to stay healthy and radiant. 

There are many skin care tips in the market which don’t have any trusted source. Therefore, our team talked to many experts in this field and reviewed many oily skin people's skincare routines. We get to know that just following a normal skincare routine will not help you with this problem. So, we found the best skin care tips for oily skin that keep your skin healthy and fully nourished during the summer. It will also protect you from harmful bacteria, sun rays, wrinkles, under eye circles and will reduce visible pores. 

We believe inner beauty lies from within therefore eating healthy food has an important role in a skincare routine. You should also not use cheap and low-quality products because as said before they are very harmful to our skin and can make your skin health worse. Therefore, smartly invest your money in good quality products, you can go with 100% natural products as they provide overall nourishment.