How to use body scrub like a pro

Due to pollution, our skin has to go through various problems like tanning and skin damage. In the era of bustling metropolis and increasing pollution, our skin has to go through various problems like skin tanning and damage. Thus taking care of skin become extremely important to prevent skin problems. Using a body scrub is a simple and beneficial way to take care of your skin. Body scrub helps in unclogging the pores of our body, improving skin texture and moisturising. Body scrub also helps in removing dead skin cells and environmental dirt like dust and soil particles from the body.

Now , we'll talk about how to use body scrub like an expert to get the best results and heal skin damage.

Step by Step process of using body scrub

Here are 10 easy steps to use body scrub, starting with cleaning your body and ending with applying moisturiser.

Collect Your Supplies

Before doing a body scrub, collect all the necessary items like your body scrub, towel, moisturizer, shower or bath, etc.

Cleanse your body to get started

To use body scrub effectively, the body must be clean first, prepare your skin, and never use scrub on dry skin, as it can damage your skin. Therefore, first of all, wet your body. You can take a bath with warm water. This is best as hot water opens the pores of the skin which helps in exfoliation.

Slightly Dampen Your Skin

Before applying body scrub, it is important to wet your skin a little, because this makes it easier to apply the scrub and does not cause any harm to the skin. It helps in spreading the scrub on a wet body. You can sprinkle water on the skin or use a soft wet cloth and only then start applying the body scrub.

Apply body scrub

While applying body scrub, keep in mind that you do not use excessive amounts of scrub. Take an appropriate amount of body scrub in your hands, then start applying it on your slightly damp skin with the help of your hands. Apply body scrubbing on the back, chest, arms, and neck. Leave the scrub on the body for 5 to 7 minutes.

Rub the scrub gently to the skin

Apply the scrub gently on your skin so that it gets absorbed well into the skin. Do not rub it too hard or apply too much pressure. While scrubbing, pay more attention to rough areas like elbows and knees. Leave it for some time so that it will work well.

Avoid sensitive Areas

While using body scrub, keep in mind that avoid using the scrub on sensitive areas. Like never use it on the face, genital area, cuts, or wounds because scrub is very harmful to delicate skin. Its use may cause irritation and discomfort in sensitive areas. Using scrubs on a cut or wound may risk infection.

Pat the skin dry with a towel

After applying the scrub, clean your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water. After washing the skin, we should not use a hard towel on the skin and clean the skin without rubbing it. Use a soft towel and let the body dry thoroughly.

Apply body lotion and moisturiser

When you use body scrub, it dries your skin, and dry skin gets damaged quickly. After scrubbing, use lotion or moisturize on the body. It maintains your skin's natural moisture level. Due to this, the skin is not harmed.

Where should you avoid using body scrub?

On the face: We should never use a body scrub on the face because facial skin is different from your body's skin. Body scrubs are usually too harsh to use on the face. Using it on the face may cause irritation, redness, and cracking.

Open injury wounds: Avoid using a scrub on any open wound of the body, it can cause further damage to the injured area. Using a scrub on a wound can increase the risk of infection and make the wound worse.

4 important benefits of using the body scrub

Reduce Body tanning: Regular use of a scrub softens the skin tanning of the body such as elbows and knees, making them clean and clear.

Boost the Blood Circulation: Scrub on the body is also done by massage, due to massage in the body, the blood gets excited, which automatically increases the process of blood circulation.

Improved Skin Texture: Rubbing the body slowly with a scrub while taking a bath improves the texture of the body and makes the skin beautiful and soft.

Reduces Body acne ( Stage 1 and Stage 2 Acne ): Using body light the amount of oil in the body, open the pores of the body and dust particles from acne which results in reducing early stages acne and pimples.


To make your body skin glowing and beautiful, you should use body scrub. By using it continuously, the skin gets many benefits. Like glowing and clearing tanned skin, improving the external and internal texture of the skin. There are many other benefits to the consistent use of a body scrub, we also recommend natural skin care body scrub products like Hydrator and Regenerator.