What is Active Acne? Causes, Factors and treatment of Active Acne

The active stage of acne is called active acne. It is presented by visible bumps that have fluid or do not. It signifies the presence of pustules, inflammatory papules, and comedones. The acne commonly formed on the forehead, chin, cheeks and back. The acne can become inflamed, red and painful and often cause scars as it heals.

Active acne is a skin condition that affects over 80% of adults. It is particularly common in teenagers & appears mostly on the face, chest, back and neck. It can cause permanent damage to the skin commonly called acne scarring if it remains untreated. 

Cause of Active Acne

What is Active Acne

There are tiny holes in the skin, known as hair follicles, It is caused when these hair follicles become blocked.

There are tiny glands found near the surface of your skin called sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands are attached to hair follicles. These are the small holes in your skin that an individual hair grows out of. These glands are responsible for lubricating the hair and skin by producing an oily substance called sebum. 

In acne, these sebaceous glands start producing too much sebum. Which mixes with dead skin cells and both substances block the hair follicle.

Factors affecting Active Acne

You will be thinking now about what is the cause of active acne. As there are many reasons for active acne breakouts some main reasons are as follows:

  1. Testosterone - Active Acne commonly occurs during puberty during the human cycle. It can be triggered by increased hormone levels called testosterone. The hormone plays an important role in stimulating the growth and testicles in boys and maintaining muscle and bone strength in girls. Glands produce much more sebum than the skin needs as the testosterone level increases.
  2. Stress - Stress doesn’t have a direct connection with active acne. But if you already suffer from it, stress can make it worse. Dandruff triggers stress and it has a direct relationship with it. Therefore, stress is not good your body.
  3. Junk food-  Fast food like pizza, chocolate, fried foods, etc all have a high glycemic index. A high Glycemic index is responsible for active acne because it spikes the blood sugar in the human body which results in more sebum production. Eat low Glycemic index food to get rid of it.
  4. Environmental irritants, such as pollution, high humidity, and dirt can also contribute to the problem and also worsen them. As dirt, pollutants get clogged in the pores of the skin, and sweat due to humidity can let bacteria grow. Therefore clean your face at least 2 times a day and also wash your hair.
  5. Some daily habits and small factors which can make active acne worse are given below:
  • Pressure on skin from sports helmets, tight clothes, backpacks, etc.
  • Touching your face with dirty hands.
  • Using harsh products on your skin.
  • Scrubbing your skin roughly.
  • Heavy makeup and styling products block the pores of the skin and may cause an active acne flare-up.

How to treat active acne?

What is Active Acne

To treat active acne, here are some self-care treatments you can try at home to clear up your active acne:

  1. Gently wash your face with a mild face wash two times each day (when you wake up and at bedtime) and after heavy sweating.
  2. Avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals. 
  3. Look for products that are oil-free and non-comedogenic.
  4. Stop touching skin that has active acne or is prone to it.
  5. Stop eating food that is high in Glycemic index such as junk food, food that contains sugar etc.
  6. Use a moisturizer that is lightweight, even if your skin is naturally oily. Choose a moisturiser that contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and/or niacinamide


Active acne is a common problem but so much irritating it is. As we talked about many factors responsible for it. Doctors always say Precaution is better than cure. Therefore, you should always maintain your skin health with proper nutrition and care. You should always  follow tips and products according to your skin type and using the right products is also important in skin care which doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and gives long-term benefits.