Does wearing a helmet cause hair fall?

You might be an expert in riding a bike but what if a drunk car driver crashes his car into your bike?

How accidents can occur is almost uncertain. A child running on the road, smog or even an open pit on road can be very injurious to your health. 

As we know that precaution is far better than cure and you do not forget to wear a helmet before riding a bike but are you also concerned if wearing a helmet causes hair fall?

Helmets are worn not only to prevent injuries from accidents but also to help the wearer from loud wind noise, rain or intense sunlight which acts as a barrier for concentration while riding. 

Now, the question arises if wearing a helmet causes hair fall. If so, then is there any alternative to a helmet or are there any ways in which hair fall could be prevented even after frequent use of a helmet?

After reading this article you do not need to worry further regarding this issue as this article included all the concerning points to remove the heavy cloud of worries from hovering over your head. 

Can wear a helmet lead to hair fall?

No, wearing a helmet does not cause hair fall but wearing it improperly or ignoring the small safety measures of wearing a helmet causes hair fall. If a few steps of precautions are followed, then it will neither cause hair fall nor hair damage.

You might have also noticed your fallen hairs when you remove your helmet after long intervals. To deal with this problem, let's understand the reason why hair fall is caused after wearing a helmet. These reasons are mentioned below :

  • Wrong way of wearing a helmet:- The improper way of wearing a helmet or ill-fitted / tight-fitted helmet creates tension in the scalp which leads to the pulling of hair from the scalp and causes hair to fall. 
  • Sweating:- Helmet causes sweating from the scalp which may promote bacterial growth on your scalp and may even cause fungal infections.  
  • Dandruff:- If a person already has dandruff on their scalp, the use of a helmet worsens the situation. The flakes of dandruff get stuck in the inner side of the helmet, multiplying and causing more dandruff. 
  • Itchiness:- Excessive sweating or dandruff leads to itchiness on the scalp which leads to hair fall. 
  • Quality of helmet:- Helmets with bad quality cloth in their interior region leads to hair fall. 
  • Safety measures to prevent hair fall while wearing a helmet

    Improper care while wearing a helmet causes hair fall but if certain safety measures are taken under consideration while using a helmet, then the problem of hair fall will lose its existence. 

    These safety measures are:- 

  • Helmet of good quality:- Always check the inner layer of cloth while purchasing a helmet. Buy a helmet of good quality so that it won't damage your scalp or hair. 
  • Fitted helmet:- Do not wear a tight-fitted helmet. Choose a helmet which is comfortable after wearing. Do not wear it in the wrong way as it may create tension and start pulling your hair. 
  • Wet hair:- Do not wear a helmet on wet hair because hair follicles get delicate after getting washed. Wearing a helmet on dry hair may lead to its breakage and it may even cause dandruff. 
  • Cotton cloth:- Wear a cotton cloth on your head before wearing a helmet. The cotton cloth prevents the helmet from pulling the hair or causing excessive sweat. 
  • Healthy hair:- Wash your hair regularly and apply oil before hair washing. Keep your scalp dandruff free. A healthy scalp will not promote infection or fungus easily. Keep your scalp away from dandruff as wearing a helmet promotes dandruff growth. 
  • Use your helmet gently:- Do not pull out your helmet roughly while removing it. While wearing it, do not force the helmet to tilt. Wear and remove it gently.
  • Personal helmet:- Always keep a personal helmet. Try to avoid sharing your helmet until it's an emergency case. Other's helmets might contain dandruff or dirt particles which may damage your scalp so it's better to use your helmet. 
  • Cleaning:- Clean your helmet's padding regularly to keep it free from germs. 
  • Proper diet and hair care:- If you are already facing hair fall, then it's very important to maintain a proper diet. Eat the foods which strengthen the hair follicles and promote their growth. Follow the proper hair care routine to prevent any further loss. 
  • Conclusion 

    Thus, wearing a helmet causes hair fall only if certain points of precautions are not taken into consideration. 

    Safety can not be ignored but this burning issue of hair fall due to wearing a helmet can be solved by following the above-mentioned safety measures.